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EU Global Player presents an independent focus on the way in which the European Union presents itself in various areas of policy as a global player. It provides in-depth background information on key areas of concern in European Union external relations and includes positions and proposals as to how European Union North-South policy can be improved.

The European Union is the largest economic block by any measure. Nevertheless, the economic power of the EU has not been matched by adequate political influence in international relations and in development co-operation.

The European Union is increasingly becoming aware of this weakness and the EU's external relations are progressively becoming an important aspect of common European Union policy-making.

As a global player the European Union has responsibilities to contribute to development and to the elimination of poverty around the globe. While the European Union strengthens its policies in external relations, the developmental aspect should continue to be a fundamental part of these.

There is a fundamental lack in transparency concerning the decisions taken in this area.

This website provides a series of analyses dealing with these concerns. The objective of this site is to contribute to a debate on how the European Union can contribute more constructively to achieving the Millennium Development Goals in 2015 aiming at a substantial reduction of poverty around the world.


Last update to EU Global Player on September 23rd, 2003
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